Waterdale Tree Reports is based in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.  We are independent and qualified consulting arborists to AQF level 5. Fully insured, we provide pre-planning tree assessments (including pre-purchase inspections), development impact reports, tree management and protection plans, and project arborist services.



1. Pre-Purchase Inspections


Prior to buying a house or land in Melbourne with a large number of trees, or trees of a significant size, you may want to engage a consulting arborist to provide information on:

  • Overall tree health
  • Current structure and stability
  • Species present
  • Potential growth and overall size
  • Any laws applied by council for their maintenance or removal.

2.Tree Assessments


Wanting to remove a tree at your property, but council are requesting you submit an arborist report with your application? We are trained in assessing tree health, structure and risk. All our arboricultural reports are 100% independent to provide an honest assessment of your trees and practical recommendations.

We can report on the health of trees, not only on your property, but also those in surrounding properties.  Advice could include potential branch failure, any invasive tree roots, a visual check of neighbouring trees for disease or areas of concern. Recommendations on the care and maintenance of the trees can be provided.


When engaging an architect or draftsman for a new build or major renovation , they may request an arborist report. This will be not only for the trees on your land, but also those of your neighbours.  In this instance, the report will provide valuable insight into how the trees growth will affect the natural light of the construction, movement and growth patterns, how they can be incorporated into the design and if there is likely to be significant debris – useful for when planning the location of a swimming pool, for example.

Before large scale building, the report will consider the impact of construction on other trees in the area.

We produce arborist reports that are necessary at different stages of the development process including:

  • Pre-planning tree assessments
  • Development impact report
  • Tree management and protection plan

3. Pre-planning tree assessments


This stage of reporting typically provides an assessment of tree condition, species, size, retention value, Tree Protection Zones (TPZ) and Structural Root Zones (SRZ).

4. Development impact reports


Development impact assessments are prepared to support your town planning application. Councils need to know how planning proposals will impact trees, not just on your site but also on neighbouring sites.

Waterdale Tree Reports prepares development impact reports in accordance with AS4970-2009. This type of report will include full tree assessment details and clearly outline which trees are planned for retention or removal under the proposal, including the level of impact to each tree.

5. Tree management and protection plans


Tree management and protection plans are typically requested by councils as a condition to a planning permit. Our tree management and protection plans are prepared in accordance with AS4970-2009 and are easy to read and implement.

They consist of a document outlining the tree protection requirements at each stage of site works and a scaled plan showing the TPZ, SRZ and locations of physical tree protection controls, such as fencing and soil surface protection.

6. Project arborist services


During demolition and construction an arborist may be required to oversee works near retained trees. Some permits may include conditions relating to trees where a project arborist must sign off at various stages, be present during soil excavation and/or further assess the trees after construction.

We can also assist with tree selection and planting, pest and disease identification and management, soil management and tree preservation.

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